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For years before I started writing fiction, I was a freelance writer specializing in nature, the environment, and medicine. When I was casting around for something to plunge into once I was done with Diamond Ruby (my first novel), I decided to use the knowledge I'd gathered over the years. The result: Invasive Species, an end-of-the-world thriller with a scientifically plausible monster. Something like Michael Crichton used to do in Jurassic Park and many other novels. (No dinosaurs in mine, though--I think Crichton accomplished everything worth accomplishing on that theme.)

After the Brooklyn focus of Ruby, It was great fun setting Invasive Species in Africa, Central America, Australia, and other far-flung locations. (Brooklyn still looms large, though--I'll never forget where I came from.) Even more fun was seeing if I could paint on a broader canvas overall, so to speak. According to Hugo and Nebula award-winning novelist David Brin, I accomplished my aim, since he said of the novel, “Joseph Wallace re-births an ancient terror with creepy, pulse-pounding plausibility. His tale is just a few mutations away from coming true.”

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